Resolution Beauty Tips

  • Take the time to distress  even if it's for 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Full soft waves can easily be achieved with a styling iron instead by doing big swoops then
    finger combing. For additional body apply a volumizer at the root of the hair.

  • Make skin appear makeup free, yet flawless by using a tinted moisturizer all over first to
    create sheer coverage, then follow with a concealer that matches your skin. Pat the
    concealer, don't rub, for the best coverage.

  • Keep delicate eye tissue hydrated and firm with a firming serum. The light texture will still
    hydrate the skin but won't be too heavy and cause your makeup to run through out the

  • For a fresher look use 2 different blushes instead of just one. Start with one blush applying
    onto cheek working back towards hair line. Follow with a brighter blush by lightly patting
    color only on the apples of the cheek.

  • Set makeup with a setting spray instead of powder to keep makeup from fading, running,
    creasing and looking cakey. Use a matte formula for less to no shine on skin without
    creating a "powdery" look.
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