These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When I was a little girl my aunt taught me how to do a cartwheel and that was the beginning of a whole 'nother world....gymnastics! Even though my parents couldn't afford to put me in a class that didn't hold me back. I would watch the Olympics and then teach myself how to do round offs, hand springs...anything I could.

I would drive my mother crazy when I would always flip around the house. My favorite place to tumble was in the living room which was the worst place to be since it was the nicest place in the house, but I didn't care. I felt all of the punishments and scoldings were worth it because it was the perfect place....right in front of the TV so I could see Nadia Comaneci and the other Olympic gymnasts. I'm actually surprised I'm still alive today. Not because I thought I would hurt myself, but because my mother didn't kill me!

Even though I didn't become a professional gymnast like I dreamt, I still got the chance to do makeup on the Olympic gymnatic medalist Alicia Sacramone, Shawn Johnson, and Nastia Liukin for Cover Girl. Their signature looks were created by makeup artist Molly Stern with all Cover Girl products, so I had to duplicate the looks for the commercials and print ads. I even got a chance to get a picture with them. This was the first time I was taller then the people I worked on. It was GREAT!

After shooting all morning and afternoon the girls took a quick nap and then it was time for me to do touch ups so they could be ready for big Rouge magazine event. At the event the girls signed autographs and took pictures. I was invited to be one of the beauty experts and did makeovers and gave tips on all of the attendees. I had so much fun!

Rouge magazine is a new magazine created by P&G. It keeps you up to date on fashion and beauty trends.....and the best part? can get a subscription for FREE! So go get one!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I am a 20 year old attending college and I have been noticing my skin turns quite dull every year. It is very upsetting I exfoliate once aweek use blush, exersise, wear sunscreen, eat healthy and don't over moisturize. But nothing seems to be helping! My skin is fair I wear mauve lipsticks, mica powders and blush but my skin still looks dingy and brown."- from Eire in Florida.

Answer: It may not be your skin that is the problem but the color choices of your makeup. Since we wear more makeup in the Fall and Winter, it may be more apparent at that time then the warmer seasons.

First start with your foundation. Stop by a makeup counter that can custom blend your foundation like Prescriptives, and have them do a color analysis on you. Even though you have a fair complexion you may have warm undertones like Nicole Kidman. You might need to wear a yellow based foundation like Prescriptives AnyWear Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick SPF 15 in Ecru, but be wearing a foundation with cool undertones which can make your skin appear muddy and flat.

Also try switching from the cool tones of mauve lip color and blush and use corals and peaches. Whether cool or warm toned, most people can wear those colors beautifully and it can give your skin the 'kick' that you are looking for.

Beauty question: "Being 49 yrs of age I do not as of yet have any noticable wrinkles, but do have some very faint lines. The reason I know this is because I have found with using some translucent powders to set my makeup, it will show/bring out these lines. UGH! Suggestions?" from Eileen in Illinois.

Answer: When TV and video switched to HD, which stands for "high definition" it is great for viewers to see all of the action up close, but it was horrible for makeup artists because regular transucent powder can look heavy, cakey and bring out ever fine line of the person's face, but we still need to set the makeup, which is the same problem you are dealing with. Many makeup companies have now addressed this issue by creating alternative powders, like Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.

This powder is not only very fine in texture, which keeps it from looking cakey on the skin, but it is also 100% mineral silica to set makeup while softening the appearance of imperfections. It can be used on all skin tones.

Beauty question: "I have a lot of acne, is there any sort of make-up or face wash that you know of that helps with breakouts. I want to be a model but my skin is really holding me back."- from Willow in Oregon.

Answer: If you keep trying the traditional acn products and it doesn't work, then you might want to try some of the new products that include technology along with skin care like Thermaclear.

The device uses Thermal Pulse technology, which is gentle bursts of heat, to neutralize the bacteria that causes acne to help you have clear skin. For added help they also have a cleanser and clarifying lotion that you can use in conjunction with the device to clean your skin without over drying it.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


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