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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This month I think I'll do something a little different. I have talked about my photo shoots on tv show, for fashion shows and for magazine shoots. This time I'm going to just devote this month to beauty tips starting with this video clip.
Just click onto the picture to view it. It's tips galore this month!!! Ha ha!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I cringe everytime I hear "you may kiss the bride" and her lipstick is off of her and on the groom! What lip products do you suggest for the bride? I've tried some "transfer resistant" products, but they seem cakey and flakey."- from Stacey in Indiana.

Answer: On the video segment I mention the Longevita lip colors by Borghese. I love how smooth they go on the lip and how vibrant the colors are.

Another option is to top your favorite lip colors with makeup fixers to set color in place. Makeup Forever Lipstick Fixer is wonderful to try. Make sure the fixer dries completely before you apply a second coat.

It makes lip color water resistant so it's also great in tropical weather......even if a bride gets married under water!

Beauty question: "What kind of make up would you recommend for someone with olive sink tone? I want to look like I am not even wearing make up." from Becky in Illinois.

Answer: There are a lot of makeup lines that have great foundations for olive skin tones. One makeup artist favorite is by Face Atelier. It is also a favorite of celebrity makeup artist Billy B.

They have a variety of founcation formulas to choose from but my favorite is the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. Their foundations can suit the palest to the darkest skin tone and still look natural. The high pigmentation keeps the color consistant through out the day.

Beauty question: "My daughter is getting married and I want to do something special with my eyes as they are my best feature. Should a middle age woman with just a few age lines wear a matte shadow instead of the new shimmer shades?"- from Nora in Illinois.

Answer: You can wear shimmer if you keep everything else matte. I suggest putting shimmer on your lid. The area that is between the lash line and the crease. That area is usually the smoothest part of the eye so it has fewer wrinkles then another areas. For the crease and brow bone use mattes.

Another thing you can do to accentuate your eyes is apply a thin line to the top eye with a charcoal grey or black close to your lashes as possible. You might like the Define-a-Line by Maybelline because it glides without pulling skin and it is retractable so you don't have to sharpen it.

For the bottome lash line use a medium tone brown eye shadow to line eye as close to the lashes as possible. Smudge bottom line with your finger to keep it soft.

Using different colors will give you the definition that you want to make your eyes "pop!" but using a darker color on top with bring more attention to the upper lashes and make any wrinkles in the corners or lower eyes less noticable. Just make sure that the brown shadow that you choose is not very dark or you will look the effect that your trying to achieve.

Great questions!!!! I look forward to hearing make sure you email me so I can keep your informed about great beauty tips!


My favorite this month has been the LaMer Body Serum. I love how it hydrates your skin. It feels like silk going on, but it is supposed to also help with discoloration of the skin too. So your skin feels and looks great.

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