Friday, September 15, 2006

Everyone loves watching America's Next top model. The spunky 5'7" model Eva Pigford, who won in the 3rd season seems to be a favorite of everyone.

She has been seen in Cover Girl ad campaigns, on the red carpet at award shows, on the cover of Essence magazine, and has played the leading lady of Jaime Fox's new music video Unpredictable.

She has also been acting and will be in the film "I Think I Love My Wife" with actor/comedian Chris Rock February 2007. When she was younger they used to call her "Eva the Diva". If "Diva" means "all eyes are on her" now you know why.....she can do it ALL!

As the beauty director for Brides Noir magazine, I had the opportunity to do her makeup for the cover and the 7 page spread for this month's September issue. We shot the spread at Breezes Runaway Bay resort in Jamaica. That same spunky fun loving attitude that you saw on the ANTM show was the highlight of the shoot and the whole trip.

Our day started at 7am. in an air conditioned office that was converted into a dressing area. I worked on getting all of my makeup organized while celebrity hair artist Nedjetti arranged her CHI hair products and curling elements.

Even though the air conditioning was a little cold that early in the morning, we definitely needed it as the temperature outside kept rising throughout the day. We can't have everything melting before we hit the set!

New York fashion stylist Fatimah Simmons brought some of the most beautiful gowns and pant suits for her to wear. They were gorgeous! The gown that became the cover shot was by Reem Acra . It had beautiful elaborate beading on the upper bodice! Can you say...."Luxurious!"

We shot for 12 hours, only to break to eat breakfast, lunch and the occasional mango from the fruit tray they provided. We went from location to location, changing looks and clothes for each one. You would think that after a long day this pint sized celebrity model/actress would go off to be alone and not want to be bothered. On the contrary! She is an amazing person! We finished our day with the laughter of her jokes at the dinner table and then danced the night away in the resort club! I think I lost 5 lbs on that trip!

Time for your beauty questions!!

Beauty Questions
Beauty question: "I have a pretty nasty scar and i cover it up with make up, but my make up sometimes looks pretty heavy on my skin. What do you recommend for that?"- from Michelle in Oregon.

Answer: I am not sure which makeup product you are currently using as a cover up, but if it looks heavy on your skin than it may be a result from improper application of the makeup, instead of the product itself.

I suggest using Dermablend or Dermacolor products because it is designed to cover scars and major discoloration problems without transferring to clothes. It is even waterproof so you can swim with it on as well.

When you are applying these types of products, they are already highly pigmented, and thick in consistency. So there isn't a need to apply it in a thick layer. Instead use sheer layers and build according to your need. It is always easier to keep adding product, than to try to remove too much of a product. This will also ensure that your application looks as natural as possible.

I prefer to press the foundation into the skin with my fingertips, so the heat from your fingers can melt the product seamlessly around scar edges. After you are satisfied with the look and coverage then set the product with the special setting powder. Use a velour powder puff to press and roll it into the skin.

Beauty question: "If I put all the lotions and potions on my face that I need (moisturizers, anti-wrinkle cream,serums,primers, sun screen, etc)my foundation certainly would glide on smoothly, but then I'm left with a greasy, slimy feeling to my face! What can I eliminate so my face doesn't feel so dirty? And the summer heat and humidity in South Florida also adds to my problem!"- from Pat in Florida

Answer: When it is hot outside, the last thing you want to feel is greasy and sticky. So skip some of heavier creams or treatments and save if for night time.

Use a serum in the daytime, which is usually light weight, and put it on your skin immediately after washing your face and then let it sink in. Comb your hair, brush your something while your skin takes it's time completely drinking in the benefits.

Then put your moisturizer that has multipurpose things included. For example, instead of using a separate SPF get an anti-aging moisturizer that has an SPF included. Use eye gels instead of creams for the day, and save the creams for night time.

Then your use light weight makeup products. Try using Kevyn Aucoin's Skin Enhancing foundation. It dries to a non-transferable finish that doesn't require the use of face powder.
Use powder blush and eyeshadow instead of creams, so skin feels less sticky. All of these things will help you feel as good as you look.

Beauty question: "What is the best way to cover up moles? I mean large moles on my back. Thanks"- from Toni in Arizona.

Answer: Talk to a dermatologist, esthetician or regular doctor if it is a raised mole. They have the technology to remove raised moles, as if they were never there.

If it is a flat mole try covering it up with the Dermablend products that I mentioned earlier. You can also try using the Spray on Stockings or Air Stockings. The product is light weight, looks natural and is usually non transferable. It looks great on legs, and the body. Just make sure you don't put it on too heavy.

No matter if the mole is flat or raised, please have them checked regularly by a doctor to make sure that they are not cancerous.

Keep all of those great beauty questions coming! If you have a beauty question click onto the listed link and let me know what it is and I'll post it here!


One of my favorite things has been the new Fall colors from Nars. I had a chance to use them with several beauty shoots. I also used it to create the cover look on Eva in the image above. The colors are in shades of chocolate brown, gold and cream which are subtle yet with a touch of shimmer that adds sexiness that is perfect to go from day to evening.

Cover Colors on Eva: The bronze part of Bohemian Gold on the lid with the dark part of India Song in the crease and lower outer eye. The cheeks are Oasis on the apples, after I contoured. Then I mixed Café Con Leche with a gloss for the lips. Voila'!

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These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

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