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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Isn't this year going by so quickly. I can't believe it is already August! It just seemed like it was yesterday when I was in Vegas at the beginning of the year doing makeup for the reality show "Best of the Best III". Now it is already August and the first episode is on the air on MAV tv.

My makeup crew and I spent almost 2 weeks doing makeup and hair for this exciting modeling reality show. Even though the beautiful models made it easy to do great makeup, the weather didn't always do the same. Sometimes there were hard conditions to work in, like 60 mile an hour winds at the airport, and 100 degree temperatures in the middle of the dessert but we got through it.

When it all ended we had a great time bonding with the models and joking with the photographers to get great pictures. I can't wait to do it again next year!

OH!....what did you say?.....You wanna see what happened? Ok! Click onto the picture and you can see a video! Enjoy!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "What do I have to do to get into the world of professional makeup artistry and, do I need to get skin license?"- from Shelley in Florida.

Answer: Your question isn't really a beauty question, but instead a business question. There are many ways to get into the world of makeup artistry. There are schools and even workshops that you can attend. I teach a 2 day workshop for makeup artists too. You can see more information by clicking onto the image.

In the state of Florida you do need a cosmetology license to be a makeup artist. In other states it differs because each state has their own laws, but most other states do not require a cosmetology license if you are a makeup artist for magazines, commercials and TV. If you are a makeup artist in a salon, no matter what state you are in, you are required to have a cosmetology license.

Beauty question: "I really love colors. I love to have fun with makeup. What product do you use and the brushes. Currently I am a MAC fanatic. Should I become more versatile?" from Wendy in Illinois.

Answer: As a makeup artist, I use many brands and like to try all types of products. Many makeup companies have a lot of products, including MAC, but trying products from other brands can give you an opportunity to find products that you didn't even know existed and sometimes save you more money.

Some of my favorites are Wet n Wild Bronzers because they don't have a lot of shimmer in it and they match real skin shades when they are tan. I use them on men and women.

Some of my favorite lip liners are by Lacome. I use the Le Lipstique pencils in Bronzelle, Sheer Chocolate and Fraichelle pencils. I can use one or a combinations of two of their pencils on all skin tones to create a natural lip color. They feel creamy and are also waterproof so they last a long time under most conditions. I use them as a lip color by lining and coloring the lips in, then top it with a lip gloss.

Beauty question: "My eyebrows are very light and sparce, what can I do to makethem look more darker and natural"- from Ramona in Illinois .

Answer: Try Revlon's Brow Fantasy gel and pencil set. It's great to fill in your brows and give it the color that it needs.

Great questions! I'm running low on beauty questions to answer so send me more and I'll have more solutions for you next month!


I love the Bath & Body Works peppermint flavored Mentha Lip Tints lip glosses. They make your lips tingle, and make your breath smells good too. I got addicted to this gloss while stopping at the Bath & Body Works in the airport. a store clerk suggested that I try the tester to see if I liked it and the next thing I know I was grabbing glosses for my sisters, mother and daughter. Now I have one if my car and one in my makeup kit so everyone can feel good and spell good.....oh! tastes good too!
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