These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Today is going to be a busy day. I will be doing work for a cosmetic company.

I am specifically excited about this project because I will be able to do creative direction on these shots, as well as the makeup.

To be able to help design the "image" around the cosmetic company's style is going to be interesting.

Next I will be working on a fashion show for an editorial party.

We want to be able to change the looks according to the various designers without making it hard on us. We will have lingerie, evening gowns, swimsuits....and just shoes to do. Well.....when the event is over, I will definitely post some images so you can see how it turned out.

OK!.....I have to go now!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This is my first time to create a blog. I heard about it by a producer friend of mine , who produces Stylezonetv.

Eventhough I teach makeup classes, I will be working with her on one of the Stylezone classes in Chicago. It is going to be a great class. I will be teaching the business side of being a makeup artist, while other celebrity makeup artists will be demonstrating their makeup techniques.

Well, what should I talk about?

Well let me tell you a little bit about me and what I have been up to. As you may know, I am a makeup artist but I also do a lot of other things. I do hair styling, body painting, airbrush makeup and sometimes wardrobe styling.....but my love it makeup.

This year I have had a lot of great opportunities to do more creative direction and writing for beauty and fashion spreads that I work on.

This shot of singer Amira, was for Belleza magazine. The photographer was Fred Ramirez. The hair, makeup and creative direction was by me. She is so beautiful inside and out, and her skin is so smooth and flawless! Talk about envy!! (smile)

We joked and danced to some of her songs off of her new CD that she will be having out soon. She is talking to Kanye West about doing a track together. I hope to work with him some day as well. Her CD has a great mix of everthing, so it will suit all tastes and styles. I think she is going to be a star.

This year I also had a chance to work with Lucire magazine. This shot was for the May issue. It was a beauty story about the Spring and Summer color. The photographer was Monty and the model was provided by Wings. Hair, makeup and creative direction was by me on this one as well. I got the concept by the old Hollywood glamour. Sophisticated yet sexy!

Eventhough Lucire is published in New Zealand, you can order it online at .

I am now doing more spreads for them. I hope to continue our relationship, as they grow into a major publication.

The Spring/Summer issue of Bride's Noir magazine is out on newstands now. I was able to do two spreads for them. This shot is from the handbag story that I did for them. I really loved how the handbags looked on the trees.
The photographer is Monty again. The hair, makeup, wardrobe and creative direction was by me on this one as well. We took little sections of wire and secured each handbag onto the banches like fruit.

The gown was by a local wedding dress boutiquette. The model , Tameka, is a really good friend of mine. She had done so many things, I was happy to work with her again. She was one fo the models for the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show tour. Now she is talking to Applebottoms about a project.

If you haven't seen Tameka before, she is also the same model who is on my web site that has the rhinestone eyelashes.

The eyelashes took a long time to make, and then having to attach those tiny rhinestones onto her bottom eyelashes took even longer. The rhinestones were so tiny, I thought I was going to drop one her her eye.....but I didn't!

The makeup for that shot was provided by MAC. The story was called "Bling" makeup story.

I loved the photography in this one. There were two shots that didn't get published, that I really really loved. They were a little edgier, but that is why I loved the shots.
One of the shots as this ponytail shot with her brow as rhinestones, and the other was lips outlined in rhinestones.

The ponytail shot was really cool to me because I was able to make her hair so high in the air, and stuch a big ponytail, that she had to duck down so her hair didn't get dumped when she walked through the doorways.

I have a lot of things coming up. I have several beauty and fashion shoots, a makeup class that I will be teaching in New Jersey , a makeup ad campaign to do, and a calendar shoot. So there will be plenty more blogging in my future to catch you up on where I've been, and what I've been up to!

As of looks like my first "blog" is officially over! See ya' next time.

Candace Corey


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